A few of our previous projects

Weran, Nadezdha and Nica

The projects focused the establishment and capacity building of Local Resource Centers for development of Women entrepreneurs in Russia, Belarus and Kaliningrad. LANN Development also had training of trainers and business advisors as well as training of individual members in the entrepreneurial networks on Practical marketing without money, KKiKK game for business development, Coaching and Mentoring.

With a total budget of 30 Million SEK over 5 years.

The projects were evaluated by European Union and selected as Star project to be duplicated to other countries.

MiR - Men in Russia and MAN in Belarus

The projects focused Men’s role in Society in Russia and Belarus. There were two main areas for the cooperation. One was men as Fathers, with Fatherhood training and forming of an International organization for Men and Gender. The second focused men as perpetrators in family relations and included development of therapy for the violent men.

With a total budget of 8 Million SEK over 3 years.

 The project resulted in a National organization called “Men of the 21s Century” in Russia. The organization is still active 10 years later!

Milda and Aisma

The projects focused Women’s role as politicians in Latvia and Lithuania. LANN Development held leadership training and campaigning for women in all parties.

With a total budget of 9 Million SEK over 3 years.

 Some of the women were elected to Parliament and one of them became a Minister in the new government in Lithuania.

Wise Economy in South Africa. Botswana and Namibia

Three parallel projects focusing Business and Women’s Economic Empowerment were implemented in a program called Partner Driven Cooperation. The three countries had one pillar focusing cooperation between Chambers of Trade in the three countries with ChamberTrade Sweden as partner and another pillar focusing NGOs on Women’s Economic Empowerment with LANN Development as a partner.

With a total budget of 9 Million SEK for Women’s Economic Empowerment over 2 years.

The cooperation resulted in the implementation of an International Women’s Innovation Trade Fair in Cape Town South Africa in March 2014 with thousands of visitors also from many parts of the World.